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Automotive ASIC Design and Supply

SWINDON designs and supplies innovative and efficient mixed signal ASIC solutions for all Automotive applications assisting in reducing emissions, improving handling characteristics, optimising fuel consumption, improving driver safety and increasing comfort and reliability levels.

Car electronics is the fastest growing sector in the automotive industry, from the in car entertainment systems through to control and sensor applications. New models demand more and more electronic systems and sensors to make the car run efficiently, safely and even autonomously and the mixed signal ASIC is at the forefront of this revolution. SWINDON has a long and successful history in the design and supply of mixed signal ASICs into the Automotive market where we are the global leaders in Tyre Pressure Measurement (TPMS) ASICS. We have the proven expertise to design and supply your ASIC to the highest quality level and low cost structure that the Automotive OEMs demand.

At SWINDON we know that the demands on the electronics in automotive applications can be extreme with many safety critical functions that must operate in harsh environments. Within SWINDON quality is fundamental to the way we operate. TS 16949 and its processes are integral to how we approach all that we do hence all our projects are subject to strict quality standards and processes. Functional Safety with ISO 26262 is a growing requirement in the industry and the team at SWINDON will deliver you a solution that will meet all the required safety standards and protocols.

SWINDON currently supplies over 100 million ASIC’s per year into the automotive market, all designed and tested at our UK facility.

Tyre Pressure Monitor

SWINDON’s world leading TPMS ASICs are a family of battery powered products designed to meet the ever increasing functionality requirements in the harsh environment of a wheel, while still matching our customer’s demands for low cost solutions. The designs comprise a MEMS pressure sensor, calibrated over temperature to the ASIC, a custom micro-controller with embedded software, which controls several peripheral functions used in the process of measuring pressure, temperature and communication.

Each ASIC has a highly sensitive, polled motion detector circuit which provides a wake-up feature to the micro-controller which senses when the car is moving and powers the system up. The embedded software dictates the sequence of events thereafter which can vary depending on customer requirements. Typically a pressure and temperature measurement would occur and any change from the previous value would activate the PLL based RF transmitter and deliver encoded data for reception by an RF receiver.

Sensor Interface

Sensors are pervasive and form part of our daily lives. Sensors take a physical quantity, such as strain, pressure, temperature etc., and convert it into a suitable signal for processing. The signal conversion of sensor data and the analysis, control and transmission of it is where the SWINDON expertise comes to the fore. SWINDON provides a full turnkey (FTK) solution for the design and supply of custom sensor interface ASICs developed specifically for our customer’s requirements. Our experience spans both the industrial and automotive markets and the vast majority of sensor types and applications.

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SWINDON’s Automotive IC expertise is also firmly rooted in Assisted Braking Systems (ABS) in trucks and our solutions provide the driver with unprecedented levels of safety and reliability. One example is where we had to meet the design challenges but also to have the capability to provide a competitive full turnkey approach and guarantee supply for the lifetime of the product.

SWINDON was able to specify, design and supply an ASIC that met all of these demands, and provide a solution that enabled the detection of wheel speed so that the braking control system could react accordingly when the brakes were applied. Detection and compensation of the wheel speed across different wheel sizes was fundamental and the power also had to be minimised, as the ASIC is only active when the brakes are applied.

Full Turnkey

SWINDON provides full ASIC development services from initial specifications to the supply of tested and calibrated ASICs including analogue and mixed signal design, test, packaging, component production, logistics and supply chain management. SWINDON also provides full evaluation, characterisation, automotive qualification (AEC Q100) and full failure analysis in accordance with defined industry standards such as TS 16949.

This FTK enables our customers to be able to focus on their core competencies whilst SWINDON designs, manufactures, tests and supplies their custom ASIC solution to anywhere in the world.

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ASIC Wafer Probe and ATE Test

At SWINDON the production test of the ASIC is a key component of what we do and it is an important element in the process of providing high quality product that is both reliable and free of defects. It is so important and critical to the quality of what we produce that we conduct all wafer probe and ATE in-house at our SWINDON facility.

The production test phase includes:

  • Fully automated wafer and package level test
  • Fully automated, online test and QA procedures
  • Real-time yield statistics
  • Wafer and package level tests correlated
  • 100% Data log each device
  • Tri temperature test
  • Burn in

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ISO 26262

With the ever increasing awareness of personal safety and protection within vehicles, SWINDON develops market leading solutions that provide the driver with unprecedented levels of safety and reliability and adhere to the strict ISO 26262 standards. Constant product development and state of the art innovation means that a SWINDON solution provides our automotive partners with many years of reliable, safety driven products and solutions giving both a technical and a commercial advantage.

Our many years of experience in designing and supplying innovative Automotive ASIC solutions has resulted in SWINDON being the preferred partner of choice for many marques of car, commercial vehicles and trucks and our TPMS range of devices being fitted to over 50% of cars sold today and in applications where ISO 26262 is demanded.

How we can help you

By partnering with SWINDON you will be receiving best in class ASIC design and supply services that will enable you to become a market leader. Utilising our experience of over 350 projects, we will deliver a solution that will give you the competitive edge, both technically and commercially.

SWINDON has in house high volume wafer probe and packaged device test facilities along with the ability to calibrate your ASIC / MEMS at test. SWINDON’s full turnkey ASIC solutions will provide you higher performance, smaller size and lower costs.

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