The role of ASICs in power management microsystems for hearing aids

The hearing aid market demands low power and small size as the devices become smaller and less obtrusive. The batteries have traditionally been primary cells with replacement on a regular basis. Richard Mount, Sales and Marketing Director, Swindon Silicon Systems...

UK chip company looks to future with confidence

40 years ago a team of engineers at Plessey Semiconductors decided it was time for a change. They headed off into the unknown and founded Swindon Silicon Systems, which stands out now as one of the few UK-based semiconductor companies still operating. Given the pace...

Custom IC Builder

 IC Builder is a new way for designers to visualise what their mixed signal ASIC and MEMS solution may look like for their application.

Click by click,  progressively add the functions required for your intelligent sensing application and see what your resulting package could look like. 

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