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ASIC Specification

ASIC Initial Brief

Prior to entering into a development, Swindon would have already analysed the prospective project and provided a full Technical Report along with a fixed price quotation both for the development NRE and the unit price.

  • Feasibility and architecture definition of the ASIC
  • Selection of semiconductor process and package
  • Quality, test and manufacturability aspects
  • Planning and risk assessment
  • Development cost and production price

ASIC Definition

The FTK solution is split into various elements that are detailed prior to the start of the project with full visibility of all the project milestones. Regular customer review meetings are held throughout the project in order to illustrate that the project is on time and on specification and to obtain customer sign off at each individual milestone.

Translation of the customer system requirement specification into a full ASIC specification is a critical part of the project as both parties need to be sure that the ASIC to be developed is exactly what is required in the full system architecture in performance, size and cost. This is always the first phase of any development to ensure that first silicon meets requirements.

Custom IC Builder

 IC Builder is a new way for designers to visualise what their mixed signal ASIC and MEMS solution may look like for their application.

Click by click,  progressively add the functions required for your intelligent sensing application and see what your resulting package could look like. 

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