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Industrial ASIC Design and Supply

SWINDON designs and supplies innovative and optimised mixed signal ASIC solutions for all Industrial applications assisting in detecting, measuring, analysing and processing of various parameters such as changes in pressure, position, length, height, and displacement to name but a few.

Mixed signal ASICs are becoming key to many of the key movers in the industrial market as they strive for higher performance and smaller size, without increasing cost. This is now seen as being achievable by the commissioning of a custom mixed signal ASIC that not only meets the performance, size and cost but also provides a competitive advantage, both commercially and technically. SWINDON has assisted many companies over the years to achieve this by employing our vast expertise and experience in the design and supply of complex Industrial ASICs, ranging from relatively simple encoder applications to fully universal sensor interfaces that incorporate an ARM Cortex M0 processor.

Another key aspect to the industrial market is longevity where devices are expected to be available for in excess of ten years. This can be a problem for standard parts but the ASIC approach provides our customers control over their supply chain and they can relax in the knowledge that with SWINDON, supply longevity is assured. SWINDON has a mature obsolescence protection strategy that will ensure that you will not see supply interruption throughout the lifetime of your product.

Integrated Technology

SWINDON is a world leader in the integration of MEMs sensors with a bespoke mixed signal ASIC, that comprises precise analogue circuitry along with a microcontroller and programmable software. This gives our customers a single package sensor that is calibrated at production test, thus providing the most efficient low pressure sensor solution available. The sensor is calibrated over temperature to the ASIC with the calibrated data being stored in the OTP/flash memory. The analogue signal from the sensor is amplified and then converted into a digital signal for onward transmission by a customer defined medium (wired or wireless).

This higher integration provides a System on Chip (SoC) or System in Package (SiP) solution that provides you with the most efficient solution to your industrial pressure sensing needs.

Industrial Ultra Low Power

SWINDON has a long and successful history in ultra-low power (nA) mixed signal ASIC design and supply with some of our automotive designs achieving a ten year operating life while being supplied form a coin cell battery and transmitting RF data to a receiver in the car. This ultra-low power capability is also seen in our industrial ASICs with sensor interfaces designed to operate with only a few mw power consumption.

SWINDON will work with your system architects to minimize the power whilst achieving the required performance. This needs to be considered in all blocks, and in all modes of operation such as static (during standby) and dynamic (normal operation). SWINDON are experts in low power design techniques and by employing these throughout the design of your ASIC, you will achieve the optimum ASIC solution for your application.

Pressure Sensing

SWINDON have taken their design expertise and experience developed in the rugged environment of tyre pressure sensors, and applied it to the industrial pressure sensing market. Utilising our proven ultra-low power capability, SWINDON designs bespoke solutions and integrates the ASIC with a MEMS pressure sensor, pre-calibrated at test and supplied in a System in Package (SiP) solution.

The SWINDON solution is to integrate a MEMS pressure sensor with a bespoke mixed signal ASIC that comprises precise analogue circuitry with a microcontroller and programmable software. The MEMS sensor is calibrated to the ASIC over temperature with the calibrated data being stored in the OTP/flash memory. The analogue signal from the sensor is amplified and then converted into a digital signal for onward transmission by 2/3 wire or RF, dependent wholly upon the customer’s requirements.

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Sensor Interfaces

Sensors are pervasive and form part of our daily lives and the use of mixed signal ASICs to provide an optimised interface is becoming more prevalent in industrial and automotive applications. The sensor interface where signal conversion of sensor data occurs and the analysis, control and transmission of it is controlled, is where the SWINDON expertise comes to the fore. SWINDON provides a full turnkey (FTK) solution for the design and supply of custom sensor interface ASICs developed specifically for our customer’s requirements. Our experience spans both the industrial and automotive markets and the vast majority of sensor types and applications.

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ASIC Factory Automation

Factory Automation is a growing field in the modern technological world. SWINDON has many years of experience and has partnered some of the world’s major companies in this field and developed ASICs optimised for their particular requirements. For example, an encoder ASIC was designed to interface to a pair of Hall sensors where the input amplifier was a high input impedance, high gain, low noise and a low offset differential difference amplifier. The output from the amplifier was used to drive a comparator with an open-drain output. High accuracy current sources were provided for biasing the Hall sensors and an on chip band-gap reference was used to ensure temperature stability.

The temperature dependence of the bias currents can be programmed to compensate for the temperature dependence of the Hall sensors and magnets. This device is used throughout the world in many industrial automation equipment plants, providing the accuracy required with very high reliability.

ASIC Instrumentation Applications

In today’s electronic systems, more complex instruments are required in order that they can be tested to the required degree of accuracy. Benchmark Electronics, the design authority for Fluke ScopeMeters, wanted to provide a market leading solution for Fluke’s new range of hand held oscilloscopes that provided the engineer with unprecedented levels of accuracy, reliability and performance, along with a long battery life expected of any hand held product.

Being a portable product a solution capable of high speed A2D conversions (5Gs/s) with high bandwidth, good (dc) accuracy, low power, and low cost was required and in order to achieve that, they turned to SWINDON to assist.

How we can help you

By partnering with SWINDON you will be receiving best in class ASIC design and supply services that will enable you to become a market leader. Utilising our experience of over 350 projects, we will deliver a solution that will give you the competitive edge, both technically and commercially.

SWINDON has in house high volume wafer probe and packaged device test facilities along with the ability to calibrate your ASIC / MEMS at test. SWINDON’s full turnkey ASIC solutions will provide you higher performance, smaller size and lower costs.

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