Every second of everyday a product is manufactured with Swindon ASIC technology onboard.

Design and Supply of Industrial ASICs

Industry 4.0 is a reality in factory automation and control systems. Swindon’s engineering expertise and innovation in sensor interface ASICs for the connected world help engineers design intelligent and efficient factory automation and control systems that increase productivity, extend system life and save energy.

Higher performance, smaller size, lower cost, lower power consumption, longevity. All the attributes that a custom mixed signal ASIC from Swindon will deliver.

Integrated Technology

Our ASIC and MEMS technology is widely adopted by industrial manufacturers to help their products improve factory productivity and communicate with the connected world. The devices contain all the required functions, plus an integrated MEMS sensors if required, to interface with your choice of sensor and can process that information and communicate the result which makes them ideal for the “Smart Factory” of today.


We can design your ASIC to communicate both through wireless and wired protocols. For example, this can include RF, Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE), IO-Link and Serial Peripheral Interface bus (SPI) to name but a few.  Many factors will influence how your chip will communicate including the need for very low power consumption and our design team ensures an optimal solution is engineered for your application.

Connected Industry

The way factories operate is changing rapidly. The Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 or the “Smart Factory”, they all mean a more efficient, agile and connected workplace Every aspect of manufacturing  from the top floor to the shop floor will be connected. Swindon excels in the design and production of high performance and low cost mixed signal ASICs and integrated MEMS sensor interface solutions for todays connected world.

ASIC Sensor Interfaces

The use of mixed signal ASICs to provide an optimised interface is becoming more prevalent in industrial and automotive applications. The sensor interface where signal conversion of sensor data occurs and the analysis, control and transmission of it is controlled, is where the Swindon expertise comes to the fore.

Swindon provides a full turnkey (FTK) solution and our experience spans the industrial, automotive and medical markets and the vast majority of sensor types and applications.

Factory Automation - Partnering with the World’s Major Companies

Factory Automation is a growing field in the modern technological world. Swindon has many years of experience and has partnered some of the world’s major companies in this field and developed ASICs optimised for their particular requirements.

For example, an encoder ASIC was designed to interface to a pair of Hall sensors where the input amplifier was a high input impedance, high gain, low noise and a low offset differential difference amplifier. The output from the amplifier was used to drive a comparator with an open-drain output. High accuracy current sources were provided for biasing the Hall sensors and an on chip band-gap reference was used to ensure temperature stability.

ASIC design for touchscreen technology

ASIC design for touchscreen technology

Whether it’s for scrolling on a smartphone or navigating an in-car entertainment system, most people use a touchscreen every day. But how many stop to wonder about the electronics that makes this form of human-machine interface (HMI) possible? Here, Swindon Silicon's...

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Visit Swindon Silicon Systems at electronica 2022

Visit Swindon Silicon Systems at electronica 2022

Showcasing expertise in mixed signal ASIC design and supply On November 15 to 18 2022, Swindon Silicon Systems will be exhibiting at electronica 2022. A world-leading trade fair for all areas of the electronics industry, the show will be held at the Trade Fair Center...

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