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ASIC Production Test

At Swindon the production test of the ASIC is a key component of what we do and is an important element in the process of providing high quality product that is reliable and free of defects. It is so important and critical to the quality of what we produce that we conduct all wafer probe and ATE in-house at our Swindon facility.

Summary of Swindon's Test Facility

  • Fully automated wafer and package level test
  • Fully automated, online test and QA procedures
  • 100% wafer level test
  • 100% package level test
  • Real-time yield statistics
  • Wafer and package level tests correlated
  • 100% Data log
  • Tri temperature test
  • Burn In

Test Engineering Department

The Swindon Test Engineering Departments provides our customers with a wide range of experience in the ASIC test environment which includes RF, mixed signal and digital coupled with pressure calibration over temperature.

Their primary aim is to ensure 100% on time delivery with high yield and industry leading low ppm failure rates by developing test software and hardware to facilitate medium to high volume production. Our engineers develop complex production test programs for optimum throughput to maximise coverage but at the same time keeping the test program to a minimum, in order to reduce the test cost per IC.

Yield analysis is a constant factor and yield improvement initiatives are conducted at all times to maintain the quality of the product that we deliver to our customers and provide sub 1PPM field failure rates.

As one of many continual improvements, we have reduced the test time of Devices Under Test (DUT) but also increased test coverage. This in turn minimises the final device cost but maximises performance through quality. The result is a dramatic increase in product repeatability, yield and overall test quality with a vast decrease in field failure ppm rates.

We also specialise in the test and production of MEMS which are integrated with the ASIC into a single System in Package (SiP), which we are then pressure calibrated over temperature.

Production ATE Test Equipment

  • High volume production test equipment and handlers (ASIC and MEMS)
  • 7+ Wafer Probers
  • Quad site pressure and temperature SiP calibration

Wafer Probe

  • 6″, 8” and 12″ capability
  • Al pads
  • Bumped probe: Pb, Pb
  • Extended temp (Hot) Probe
  • Extensive data analysis capability
  • Fine pitch, High pin count
  • High volume production probe
  • Multi-site testing
  • Probe card design, fabrication and verification
  • RF probe capability
  • N2 wafer storage
  • Wafer mapping
  • TSK APM90 / UF190 probers
  • TEL Precio Octo probers

Test Program Control

  • Production program directory (password protected)
  • Incremented production release
  • Change control
  • File comparison check
  • Certificate of Conformance (CoC)
  • Program validation
  • Capability analysis
  • Correlation
  • Variant segregation check
  • Tooling database

Test floor

  • 3,000m2 facility
  • 500m2 test floor – packaged IC test
  • 100m2 clean room ISO class 6 – wafer level test

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