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ASIC Supply Chain Management and Obsolescence Assurance

Swindon delivers over 150M devices per year and this is achieved by providing a full supply chain management. We have a dedicated account management team that will be in constant contact with the customer to ensure that there is enough Work in Progress (WiP) in the line to meet customer forecast and requirements. This involves forecasting the business, processing purchase orders, managing WiP and manufacturing subcontractors.

There is also a constant monitoring of product quality, yields, PPM rates and on time delivery figures which are all managed by our in-house Quality Assurance Department. Their primary role is to ensure that our customers are provided with the highest quality product and to ensure that our suppliers only provide us with the highest quality materials and service. All products are shipped via courier direct from Swindon to any global location as required by the customer.

Obsolescence Assurance - The Swindon Way

It is in the company’s culture that Swindon will not make any product obsolete and that we will continue to support our customers throughout the lifetime of their product.

We work on a 4 pronged approach to ensure that your ASIC is available for 100% of your product lifetime. Swindon first of all chooses the technologies that have the required longevity. If however the unforeseen does occur, Swindon will work to ensure that there is never a gap in availability in the most cost efficient way. This process is always conducted with the support of our customers and the approach is always a mutually agreed one.

Quality Assurance

Swindon operates within the stringent automotive requirements of ISO/TS 16949 that uses BS EN ISO 9001 as a basis. Close and open relations with both our customers and suppliers are an essential element to understanding and directing improvements in quality. Swindon has a zero defect approach and we continually assess and improve our systems and processes to ensure that we surpass our customer’s highest expectations.

A customer driven focus on QUALITY is applied throughout all of our internal processes and audited / documented analysis of our suppliers is conducted on a regular and ongoing basis.

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