Sensor Interface IC Design

Sense, Condition, Connect

In today’s intelligent cars and industrial workplaces you sometimes want an action or a notification when the environment around you changes. The rapid advancement of sensor technology to detect changes along with the intelligent interfacing between sensor and the user is changing our lives on a daily basis. Part of this revolution has been the smart sensor and at its heart lies the mixed signal ASIC.

Sense the World with Swindon Silicon Systems

Swindon has vast experience in designing and supplying sensor interface ASIC and MEMS sensor solutions primarily in Pressure, Position and Proximity sensing to the automotive, industrial and medical markets. Our global and market leading solutions can be seen improving safety, efficiency and comfort for millions of people every day.


Global leaders in integrating high performance ASIC and calibrated MEMs pressure sensor into a single package for automotive and industrial applications.


Global leaders in the accurate detection of linear and rotary position, our advanced sensor interface ASICs are at work around the world with sensor technology in leading Industry 4.0 applications.


Global leaders in the accurate calculation of proximity, our advanced sensor interfaces ASICs are at the heart of factory automation and the connected world.

Condition – Swindon’s Excellence in Signal Conditioning and Microprocessor Solutions

At the centre of every sensor interface lies the crucial signal conditioning and digital signal processing functions that convert, manipulate and process the analogue signals to a usable level and format. Working closely with our customers to assess and then deliver the optimum architecture for their application, Swindon has extensive IP in everything from high resolution ADCs and DACs, ARM Cortex processors through to all types of memory.

Swindon will optimise your design for performance, size and cost providing you both a technical and commercial competitive advantage.

Analogue Expertise

With the development of many analog IP blocks our proven design covers many areas such as Analogue to Digital Convertors (ADC), Digital to Analogue Convertors (DAC), Amplifiers (OP Amps, TIA, LNA, VGA etc), Synthesizers, Voltage Regulators and Convertors (many different architectures), Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCO’s), Constant Current Generator, Filters and Signal Conditioning to name but a few.

Ultra Low Power Expertise

Swindon has a long and successful history in ultra-low power (nA) mixed signal ASIC design and supply with some of our automotive designs achieving a ten year operating life while being supplied from a coin cell battery and transmitting RF data to a receiver in the car. This ultra-low power capability is also seen in our industrial ASICs with sensor interfaces designed to operate with only a few mW power consumption.

Digital Expertise

Swindon’s System on Chip (SOC) expertise enables microprocessors, such as the ARM Cortex family, to be embedded along with the analogue circuitry. Memory, such as Flash, EEPRPM and OTP is also embedded into the mixed signal ASIC providing a fully integrated sensor interface, combining the analog sense element with signal processing, memory and communications.

Connect – The Connected World

One day every vehicle, every production line and every medical wearable disposable will be connected to the internet. Smart vehicles and smart battery management systems along with Industry 4.0 are already making an impact on the everyday life of the global population. Part of this revolution has been the smart sensor and at its heart lies the mixed signal ASIC.

Operating in a diverse range of markets has established Swindon’s expertise in the many different communication protocols, with new solutions being continuously created. The interface required depends on the application and is very driven by industry standards and customer requirements. From BLE and I/O-Link, SPI and I²C through to custom transmitters,

BLE through to custom ISM band transmitters and receivers can be integrated onto your ASIC or integrated into a multi-chip package depending upon customer requirements and application review.

Wireless Communication

The wireless communication protocols are extensive, and understanding what kind of technology is best for your application will be a major factor for your success. The required interface depends upon the application and physical characteristics such as ease of access, cost and size targets for the device.

Wired Communication

There are many wired analog and digital communication protocols. Swindon’s IP is extensive, and our engineering excellence provides a leading edge in the solutions we provide. Whether you need a digital or an analogue output, Swindon has the solution.

Sensor Interface Design Examples

The intelligent sensor is being utilised in many existing and emerging applications and the dynamic development of ASIC solutions is driving the future for us all.

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