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In today’s intelligent cars and industrial workplaces you sometimes want an action or a notification when the environment around you changes. The rapid advancement of sensor technology to detect changes along with the intelligent interfacing between sensor and the user is changing our lives on a daily basis. Part of this revolution has been the smart sensor and at its heart lies the mixed signal ASIC.

Swindon has vast experience in designing and supplying sensor interface ASIC and MEMS sensor solutions primarily in Pressure, Position and Proximity sensing to the automotive, industrial and medical markets. Our global and market leading solutions can be seen improving safety, efficiency and comfort for millions of people every day.


Global leaders in integrating high performance ASIC and calibrated MEMs pressure sensor into a single package for automotive and industrial applications.


Global leaders in the accurate detection of linear and rotary position, our advanced sensor interface ASICs are at work around the world with sensor technology in leading Industry 4.0 applications.


Global leaders in the accurate calculation of proximity, our advanced sensor interfaces ASICs are at the heart of factory automation and the connected world.

Sensor Interface Design Examples

The intelligent sensor is being utilised in many existing and emerging applications and the dynamic development of ASIC solutions is driving the future for us all.
Six Key Reasons to use an ASIC Silicon Solution

Six Key Reasons to use an ASIC Silicon Solution

The Future is Silicon, Your Future is Swindon Companies are continually looking for innovative ways to differentiate their products from the crowd and to make them more competitive in both cost and performance. There is a proven way to achieve this and there are many...

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We excel in converting, manipulating and processing analogue signals to allow your products to work in the connected world.


Whatever your requirement, we can provide you the technology to communicate with the connected world, either wired or wireless.

Custom IC Builder

 IC Builder is a new way for designers to visualise what their mixed signal ASIC and MEMS solution may look like for their application.

Click by click,  progressively add the functions required for your intelligent sensing application and see what your resulting package could look like. 

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