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ASIC Pressure Sensing

MEMS Pressure Sensor and Custom ASIC – Integrated Solutions

SWINDON Silicon Systems is a global leader in the design, test and supply of complex high performance, high quality and low cost pressure sensing ASIC and MEMS solutions.

For 25 years we have been developing world class solutions for the automotive Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) market where we now supply over 50% of the global OEM demand for these ASICs. We have taken this design expertise and experience developed in this exacting environment and applied it to the industrial pressure sensing market.

Utilising our proven ultra-low power performance, SWINDON competitively integrates the custom mixed signal ASIC with a MEMS pressure sensor, calibrated together over temperature at final test, and supplied in a miniature system in package (SiP) for all low to medium pressure sensing requirements. SWINDON will design and supply you with your optimized solution for all automotive and industrial pressure applications.

Better by Design

By their very nature and function, industrial pressure sensors tend to be located in difficult environments, as per the TPMS ICs, but are expected to perform accurately and without operational failure for many years. A SWINDON custom design ensures there is no compromise in accuracy or performance and SWINDON guarantees lifelong performance and protection against obsolescence.

Because SWINDON has unrivalled experience in silicon pressure sensor technology, we can design and deliver an accurate measurement system comprising of a mixed signal (analogue and digital) ASIC with an integrated MEMS sensor, in less time and at a lower cost than our competitors, due to the reuse of our extensive existing IP.

ASIC Design Excellence

Integrated Technology

One of the SWINDON design approaches is to integrate a MEMS pressure sensor with a bespoke mixed signal ASIC that comprises precise analogue circuitry with a microcontroller and programmable software.

The MEMS sensor is calibrated to the ASIC over temperature with the calibrated data being stored in the OTP/flash memory. The analogue signal from the sensor is amplified and then converted into a digital signal for onward transmission by 2/3 wire or RF, dependent wholly upon the customer’s requirements.

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Meeting the demands of low power consumption

As required in our TPMS family, we have to meet the requirement of a 10 year operational life span, powering a MEMS pressure sensor, microprocessor and RF transmitter from a single cell lithium button battery. This requires ultra-low power consumption, nominally between 1µW and a few mW. SWINDON is a leader in the design of ulta-low power circuitry and we have delivered hundreds of millions of devices which are currently fitted to cars across the world and which are benefitting from this technology.

That same ultra-low power consumption and reliability is also evident in our ASIC Industrial Pressure Sensor solutions, delivering market leading enabling solutions.

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Production Test and Calibration

The production test and the calibration of the MEMS pressure sensor to the ASIC over temperature is a key element in ensuring the accuracy of the data outputted from the device. By integrating the sensor and ASIC in one package, it’s possible to simultaneously calibrate the sensor and electronics of the ASIC, thus increasing efficiency and saving time and cost at the final system manufacture at our customer.

SWINDON’s state-of-the-art wafer probe and ATE test facilities at our Wiltshire HQ ensure the highest possible quality control standards are maintained at all times. After wafer probe and during ATE test, each chip is individually calibrated to ensure the required performance of the device is set prior to delivery to the customer.

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How we can help you

By partnering with SWINDON you will be receiving best in class ASIC design and supply services that will enable you to become a market leader. Utilising our experience of over 350 projects, we will deliver a solution that will give you the competitive edge, both technically and commercially.

SWINDON has in house high volume wafer probe and packaged device test facilities along with the ability to calibrate your ASIC / MEMS at test. SWINDON’s full turnkey ASIC solutions will provide you higher performance, smaller size and lower costs.

Contact SWINDON today to discover how we can help you succeed.

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