The Connected World

One day every vehicle, every production line and every medical wearable disposable will be connected to the internet. Smart vehicles and smart battery management systems along with Industry 4.0 are already making an impact on the everyday life of the global population. Part of this revolution has been the smart sensor and at its heart lies the mixed signal ASIC.

Operating in a diverse range of markets has established Swindon’s expertise in the many different communication protocols, with new solutions being continuously created. The interface required depends on the application and is very driven by industry standards and customer requirements. From BLE and I/O-Link, SPI and I²C through to custom transmitters, Swindon has the solution.

Wireless Communication

The wireless communication protocols are extensive, and understanding what kind of technology is best for your application will be a major factor for your success. The required interface depends upon the application and physical characteristics such as ease of access, cost and size targets for the device.

BLE through to custom ISM band transmitters and receivers can be integrated onto your ASIC or integrated into a multi-chip package depending upon customer requirements and application review.

Wired Communication

There are many wired analog and digital communication protocols. Swindon’s IP is extensive, and our engineering excellence provides a leading edge in the solutions we provide. Whether you need a digital or an analogue output, Swindon has the solution.


Being able to sense and interface with the analogue world is a core capability integrated into our ASIC/MEMS solutions.


We excel in converting, manipulating and processing analogue signals to allow your products to work in the connected world.

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