Pressure Sensor Design Solutions

For 25 years we have been developing and supplying world class solutions for the automotive Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) market resulting in being the global leader where we now supply over 50% of the global OEM demand for these ASIC/MEMS solutions. We have taken this design excellence and innovation and applied it to industrial and medical pressure sensing applications.

Better by Design

Pressure sensors tend to be located in difficult environments, as per the TPMS ICs, but are expected to perform accurately and without operational failure for many years. A Swindon custom ASIC/MEMS design ensures there is no compromise in accuracy or performance over temperature for the lifetime of the product.

Integrated Technology

One of the Swindon approaches is to integrate a MEMS pressure sensor with a bespoke mixed signal ASIC that comprises precise analogue circuitry with a microcontroller and programmable software. Each MEMS sensor is pressure calibrated to its ASIC over temperature with the calibrated data being stored in chip memory. The resultant accurate pressure measurement is then sent by either wireless or wired transmission protocols, dependent upon the customer’s requirements.

Low Power

As required in our TPMS family, we have to meet the requirement of a 10 year operational life span, powering a MEMS pressure sensor, microprocessor and RF transmitter from a single cell lithium button battery. This requires ultra-low power consumption, nominally microwatts. Swindon is a global leader in the design of ultra-low power circuitry and we have and continue to deliver hundreds of millions of devices across the globe to leading OEMs. Every 1.5 seconds a car leaves the production line which is fitted and benefits from this technology.

Determining Functional Safety Levels for Automotive Applications

The widespread use of electrical and electronic systems comes with potential risks and specific standards exist, most notably ISO 26262, to greatly reduce these risks by laying down requirements for the overall functional safety of these various and interrelated components and systems.


Global leaders in the accurate detection of linear and rotary position, our advanced sensor interface ASICs are at work around the world with sensor technology in leading Industry 4.0 applications.


Global leaders in the accurate calculation of proximity, our advanced sensor interfaces ASICs are at the heart of factory automation and the connected world.

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