Swindon’s ultra-low power technology is at the heart of today’s medical intelligent sensing.

Medical ASIC Design and Supply

Higher performance, smaller size, lower cost, lower power consumption, longevity. All the attributes that a custom mixed signal ASIC from Swindon will deliver.

Clinical Approach

Our in-house design and production test and calibration capabilities allow us to provide customers with a competitive advantage, both technical and commercial by supplying high performance ASIC/MEMS for the lifetime of their product. Importantly, our single chip devices can work with practically every type of sensor available today.

Ultra-Low Power

One key reason for choosing an ASIC solution for your application is the potential for very low power consumption. Our tiny single chip packages contain all the functions necessary to interface with the analogue World, process the information received and communicate with the connected World. Despite such high functionality, they consume just a few mWatts.

Medical Devices

The medical sector has become a major consumer of electronics technology and places many demands on the designers of medical devices. Our ASICs can be found in hearing aids where extended battery life is a key requirement and the growing implant and wearables sector where both small size and low power consumption are crucial.


Global leaders in integrating a high performance ASIC and calibrated MEMs pressure sensor into a single package for automotive and industrial applications.


Global leaders in the accurate detection of linear and rotary position, our sensor interface ASICs are at work around the world with sensor technology in leading Industry 4.0 applications.


Global leaders in the accurate calculation of proximity, our sensor interfaces ASICs are at the heart of factory automation and the connected world.

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Custom IC Builder

 IC Builder is a new way for designers to visualise what their mixed signal ASIC and MEMS solution may look like for their application.

Click by click,  progressively add the functions required for your intelligent sensing application and see what your resulting package could look like. 

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